The suspension system of the "METALWALL" Concealed-Frame System offers an orderly monolithic ceiling appearance. The ceiling panels are produced on advanced manufacturing equipment, with several levelling stages in the production process. The high quality precision engineered panels are flat and dimensionally stable. They are available with square edges and can be fitted with an optional gasket to reduce vibration noise and control air leakage. The panel has a single bend at one end and a double bent edge at the other end to form a hook to engage the J-profile. The ceiling panels are made of aluminium or steel, perforated or non-perforated, and available in colours according to RAL or to special order.


The CF System comprises of three main elements; the primary grid profile (C-channel), the secondary grid profile (J-profile) and the


The suspension elements or threaded rod is fixed directly to the structural slab with anchored Z bracket. The length can be varied according to the suspension height desired. To permit fine alignment of position along is length, the hangers are fixed to a hanger bracket that clasps along the primary grid profile. The primary grid is attached to the secondary grid by means of a J-profile clamp to form a sturdy two-way grid. Panels can then be located and inserted into place by means of the lift and shift method to complete the installation.


- Cost effective metal ceiling system

- Quick to install metal ceiling system

- Choice of patterns and colours

- Optional Gasket to reduce vibration

- Excellent sound absorption and attenuation

- Concealed fixing whilst remaining fully accessible and easy to dismantle

- Choice of panel material thickness


Note: For Model Reference, please refer to page 9 of the Product Reference Handbook