"METALWALL" also design and manufacture purpose-made design ceiling systems for internal and external application. These systems revolutionise the architecture of ceiling design. Produced on advanced manufacturing equipment, the high quality precision engineered ceiling panels can take the contours of vaulted or domed ceilings. Various finishes are available, i.e.,PVDF or polyester powder coating. More specialized architectural materials such as stainless steel and natural anodized aluminum are also available. "METALWALL" can also manufacture accessory items such as bulk heads and light troughs, etc.,enabling us to provide a complete service, ensuring qualities build throughout completion of the project


The DC System comprises of three main elements; the suspension (including the distancing profile), the exposed bearer beam and/or the junction box and the special shaped ceiling panels.


- Added value to your interior design

- Excellent acoustic properties.

- Choice of materials and colours

- Fully accessible and easy to maintain

- Integrated lighting and ventilation


Note: For further details of the full range of technical and design services, please contact our Project Department.


The suspension elements or threaded rod is fixed directly to the structural slab with anchored Z-bracket. To permit fine alignment of position along its length, the hangers are fixed to a rigid hanger bracket that slips inside the exposed bearer beam profile to form a continual main run for the vaulted ceiling design. In the case of dome ceiling, the junction box is suspended by way of connecting the threaded rod to the junction box completing the assembly as the central point of the dome. Panels can then be located and installed into place by resting the flanges onto the bearer beams or the junction box to complete the installation.