"METALWALL" also design and manufacture purpose-made wall cladding system for external application. This system can be used to solve the problems of heat gain and humidity whilst protecting the masonry or concrete constructions. Produced on advanced manufacturing equipment, the high quality precision engineered claddings are flat and dimensionally stable. The wall claddings are available with square or rounded edges that afford different types of joining details such as hairline, butt or shadow gap. Various finishes are available, i.e., PVDF, vitreous enamel, or polyester powder coating. More specialised architectural materials such as stainless steel and natural anodised aluminium are also available. "METALWALL" can also manufacture accessory items such as column claddings, atrium bulk heads and light troughs, etc., enabling us to provide a complete service, ensuring qualities build throughout completion of the project.


The EC System comprises of three main elements; the primary mounting brackets, the primary mounting channels and the cladding panels.


- Cost effective metal cladding system

- Quick to install cladding system

- Choice of materials and colours

- Optional joint details

- Excellent durability and protection

- Easy to maintain and clean

Note: For further details of the full range of technical and design services, please contact our Project Department. Subject to technical modification without prior notification.


The primary mounting brackets are fixed to the face of the building with tested and approved stub anchor bolts. The primary channels are bolted to the mounting brackets that are provided with slotted holes for ease of alignment (the sub-frame). The cladding panels are located onto bolts in the primary channels, then pushed downwards and locked into position (hook-on arrangement).